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Be sure to check out the Homebrew & Wine Maker Competition!

John Hall

will be guest appearing as one of the judges for the 8th Annual Homebrew & Wine Maker Competition.

John Hall, proprietor of Kittling Ridge Estate Wines & Spirits, and Forty Creek Whisky Maker. With over thirty years winemaking experience, John finds every moment an exciting taste adventure.

What’s better than a bottle of Forty Creek Whisky? A signed bottle of Forty Creek Whisky! Come see John K. Hall, the man behind Forty Creek Whisky, at Larry Joe Taylor’s 8th Annual Rhymes and Vines Music Festival! Mr. Hall will be signing bottles of Forty Creek so that you can take part in whisky-making history. Being the only independent whisky maker in Ontario, Canada, John K. Hall has brought a new life to the Canadian Whisky category. Mr. Hall is also the only whisky maker that is still alive to date. Having a bottle of Forty Creek signed by Mr. Hall is similar in nature to having a bottle of Jack Daniels signed by Mr. Jack Daniels himself! So bring your Forty Creek Whisky bottle to Rhymes and Vines and John Hall will be there with marker in hand!


Native Texan, Amy Kushnir shares passion for food, family, faith, fashion and all things that make her roots deep in the heart of Texas.  A graduate of SMU, a full-time wife and mother of three believes that life is short and doing what you’re called to do, is doing what you love.

Every Saturday morning on the ABC affiliate, WFAA/Channel 8 in Dallas, Amy serves as the “Cooking Contributor” bringing her simple & easy Texas recipes to the screen to share with her viewers. Beyond the TV screen, Amy connects with viewers on her MyTexasToday.com webpage and off set she interacts with viewers via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  Amy also contributes weekly segments on 95.9 The Ranch in Ft. Worth as well as 107.1 KPUR in Amarillo.

For the second year in a row, Amy joins us at Rhymes & Vines to perform live Texas cooking demonstrations with her “guest chefs” selected from our lineup of Texas musicians.  By combining Texas cooking with Texas music, Amy brings a notable flavor to Rhymes & Vines for those who love all things “Texas.”